Xiu Xiu plays the Music of Twin Peaks

This is yet another one of these if-only-I-knew-I-would-have-flown-to-Australia moments. The current tally of these moments is mortifying to me, but it’s an ongoing reminder of the negligence placed on things we love. But love and desire unfortunately keeps us alive. And kills us. And there are few better illustrations of this than in the world of Twin Peaks.

And perhaps few can cover the music of Twin Peaks as formidably as Xiu Xiu, the trio taking their unsettling noise pop into that very loved, confronting and culturally pervasive psi-fi world. Here they perform and discuss their project commissioned for the David Lynch: Between Two Worlds exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art, Australia last year.

An undocumentoided excerpt of the show is below which includes my personal favourite The Pink Room from Fire Walk With Me.

I particularly enjoyed the disconcerting version of Sycamore Trees which featured in the final episode of Twin Peaks season 2. Here, the late ‘Little’ Jimmy Scott lent his exceptional voice to a prelude to what follows as the most terrifying sequence in mainstream television.


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